Jonna E

Civic design game

Communyplanner is a sim-like civic design game. It is designed to encourage citizens to engage with their community by creating their own "maps" of an area that is planned to be built. The idea for Communyplanner originated in seeing and hearing countless debates among ordinary citiziens, who felt that their needs and wants were not met when their municipalities planned new areas in their city or village. However, they rarely could express their desires or even reach the people who could actually make any changes, and it would often just end up being an echo chamber of venting similar (often negative) opinions with no actual constructive criticism taking place. So, we thought; "if they could actually make it better themselves - let's give them the tool to do so!".

The user designs the map by dragging icons onto an initially clear map, which is based on the actual geography local area. The user can also see any requirements from the municipality, such as housing, parks, businesses, or other elements. These requirements need to be fulfilled before they can submit their map. The finished map is sent, along with other user submissions, to local politicians or other decision makers to be considered for future city planning decisions. The recipients are in turn encouraged to give feedback to those who have submitted a map design, or at least acknowledge that it has been received. The user can also upload and share their map designs online for others to see, and if they wish they can add it to the toplist where other users can vote for their favorite submissions. 

Civic design, experiential qualities, video prototyping

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